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  2. THROW

    She made him promise

    To Show off her Body

    The trophy; the eye

    I would give it to you

    His hands are tied

    Float in the front room

    Images annexed

    Taped off in the chrome

    No one’s asking

    Quickly morphing

    You watch them bloom

    Into the mud

    into the night

    Into the cold

    She becomes the scene

    Under a trapenning sky

    When my mother finds me

    Hostage in the night

    I would give it to you

    You watch them burn

    Into the void

    Into the mud

    Into the mud

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  7. Brody nxne 2013

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    Nu Sensae @ the Echo • Los Angeles 2013

  9. rickrodneyphoto:

    Nu Sensae @ the Blue Star - Photos & Collage by Me

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